Russian Billionaire Floats Above Economy In $350 Million Mega Yacht

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Ironically, even in this economy, the title of world's largest yacht lasted less than a month, as Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich finally launched his record-setting 557-ft. megayacht "Eclipse" in Hamburg, Germany.


The launch bests the lavish $350 million Dubai that set sail from, yes, Dubai. At 551-ft. in length, the Dubai had been the longest yacht in the world. The Eclipse also cost a cool $350 mil to complete, but it comes with a host of modern extras and a decidedly un-tacky interior so we're giving it the edge not only on length, but in the taste department as well.


Take for example the missile defense system that allows the crew to jam incoming pirate missiles. Or, perhaps you'll consider the secret underwater submarine entrance, perfect for James Bond style escapes—just watch out for those underwater knife fights!

Then there's the two heli-pads, pool with surrounding Havana bars, cinema, library, restaurant, private garden and a 5,000-sq.-ft. master bedroom, the latter of which had me feeling pretty stupid about all the bragging I did last night regarding what I pay for my new "spacious one bedroom apartment." [Morgan Post via Born Rich]

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Can you even consider someone that rich to part of humanity? I mean seriously...5O00 [sq.ft] for a bedroom, on a DAMN boat! WTF?. That is just so over the top stupid. The cost of that .boat. is more money than a handful of third world nations combined, what the hell are these money grubbin titans thinking about. Do they live on the same planet?? I bet this piece of shit runs on a mixture of raw oil and the blood of babies.