Ryan Reynolds Releases That Deadpool Teaser

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Ryan Reynolds has made our collective dreams come true by unveiling the clip that teases Deadpool 2's impending arrival. Freak-out time!

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Slashfilm originally reported that a Deadpool teaser, called “No Good Dead,” is playing before Logan in theaters. Now it’s available to watch in all its Chimichanga glory. The clip features Reynolds, as Wade Wilson, witnessing a crime and (with much difficulty) changing in a phone booth to try and stop it. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work out, but at least he and the victim share a nice moment. There’s even a Stan Lee cameo!

Some people are reporting that this isn’t the version they saw in theaters, which didn’t have a Stan Lee appearance and the phone call joke, among other things. This either means they’ve changed it since then, or have a slightly different version for online release.

Here are some of the things we spotted!

1) Outside the phone booth, there’s graffiti for “Nathan Summers Cumming Soon” (har-har). Obviously, that’s a Cable reference. But if you look inside the phone booth, you see “Hope!”, which could mean that Hope Summers (aka the Mutant Messiah) also makes an appearance.

2) Firefly posters! Lots of Firefly posters. This could mean one of a couple of things. Either this hints Nathan Fillion will be the next Cable, which has been speculated, or it’s an homage to actress Morena Baccarin. Or hell, maybe Wade just really likes Firefly. I wouldn’t blame him.

3) Plenty of references to the Logan film, in true Deadpool fashion. Plus, the long scrolling text at the end is a Deadpool-esque version of The Old Man and the Sea, which has some thematic parallels to Logan’s journey in the film. Although I don’t think Logan’s going to open a Red Lobster franchise by the end.


4) A few other graffiti pieces I spotted but couldn’t identify: “Oggy was here,” “Victim of the Brain,” and “Alley Cats.” If anyone has an idea what these could mean, if anything, let me know in the comments!

Watch and enjoy, dear io9ers.



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Disturbing Mix Tape

That’s...that’s HORRIBLE. That man DIED.

He was SCREAMING FOR HELP. For MINUTES. While the “hero” was changing in a F—-ING PHONE BOOTH?!?

And then this “hero” lies on the innocent victim’s CORPSE and lightheartedly JOKES ABOUT IT? And you guys think this is FUNNY??? YOU’RE ALL SICK. Jesus. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!?




God, I’m looking forward to this movie.