Safer Football Helmet Sends Impact Data to Sidelines

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A few of us here at the Giz spent quite a bit of time on the football field in our youth, and after one too many ditzy posts are wishing we would've worn a football helmet like this one when we were out there busting some asses on the gridiron. This high-tech helmet has sensors inside that can tell just how hard you've gotten your bell rung, then transmits that info to doctors on the sidelines who might promptly bench you once you've reached the limits of consciousness, or at least the point of physical injury.


The helmets are already being used at seven universities and five high schools, and the NFL is studying the technology, too. That's a good thing, because the average lifespan of NFL players is considerably shortened because of the appalling violence applied to many of their brains while playing the game. Now remind me, what was this post about again? And no, I'm not that Charles White. [PopSci]



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