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Sailor Moon Contact Lenses Let You Apply Anime DIRECTLY TO YOUR EYES

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

First, they came for your Tortilla chips. Now, the Sailor Senshi are coming FOR YOUR EYEBALLS. Who will stop this endless tide of magical girl merchandising? No one. No one I say!


These Senshi-inspired contacts are going on sale later this month at Village Vanguard in Japan, with each pair representing a different member of the team. At 2,484 yen (roughly $21) per set they're reasonable enough for a pair of contact lenses. But what's cost when it comes to applying your love of Sailor Moon directly into your eyeballs?


As a glasses wearer, personally contacts have always been offputting - I get freaked out about jamming something into my eyeball so I doubt I'd ever want them. But even with that aside, these just look freaky. I mean they obviously won't restrict your vision (at least I hope not - otherwise they'd be pointless!), the idea of replacing your natural irises with these designs conjures some exceptionally weird imagery in my mind.

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