The Power of Sailor Moon Branding comes to... Tortilla Chips?

Moon Prism Power... Dip? I don't know where I'm going with this, and I'm guessing Sailor Moon Crystal doesn't either (well, except for 'towards a large pile of co-marketing collaboration money'), but hey! Japan's getting some Sailor-Senshi-approved Tortilla Chips. Let's take a look.

Sailor Moon Crystal is partnering with Japanese snack manufacturer Koikeya next month on a range of Tortilla Chips with Senshi-themed packaging. The Girls, joined by Tuxedo Mask (a rare bit of active participation from Mamoru that doesn't involve 'pegging it in the opposite direction'), will emblazon the packages of 3 of Koikeya's Tortilla flavours - Avocado Cream Cheese, Balsamico Grilled Pork, and Bagnacauda Anchovy & Garlic.


That Anchovy one sounds gross but man I suddenly want some Avocado and Cream Cheese flavoured tortilla chips right now. DAMN YOU AND YOUR BRANDING, SAILOR MOON.

The promotion will also feature some exclusive smartphone backgrounds featuring the team and Tuxedo Mask (because Japan, I guess) when it begins December 8th. And of course, there's all this art of the girls daintily nibbling on Tortilla chips to enjoy too! Hey, at least it's not as weird as Sailor Moon Crystal's current co-marketing promotion over there...



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