Illustration for article titled Salma Hayeks MobileMe Account Hacked, No Nudie Pics Found (Sorry!)

One of the irritating mosquito-like posters over at 4chan hacked into Salma Hayek's MobileMe account and found it laughably easy despite MobileMe's "security" questions.


Maybe using the name of her biggest film's title and role to date ("Frida") as the answer to her security question wasn't the smartest choice, but luckily nothing the least bit incriminating has been found so far. And as much fun as it was to scour the internet for the chestiest pic of Salma we could find, we still don't approve of this kind of underhanded hackery.

Since this kind of hacking is so common, we suggest using a total non sequitur as an answer for the custom security question. For example, did you know that my favorite ice cream flavor is Brian Lam? [ElectronicPulp via Technologizer]

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