Samsung Confirms: Better Foldables With Stylus Support Are Coming, but No New Galaxy Note

A Samsung exec just spilled the beans on new features coming to the foldable lineup.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 hinge
Photo: Sam Rutherford

With a little over two weeks to go until Samsung’s next big Unpacked Event, the company’s president and head of mobile communications just published a new blog confirming details and features long rumored to be included in Samsung’s next batch of foldable phones.

Samsung mobile chief TM Roh touched on a number of subjects, including Samsung’s ongoing dedication to devices with foldable screens, the company’s ongoing partnerships to provide more customized apps for foldables, and most importantly, some early news about features people can expect to see on Samsung’s next-gen devices on Aug. 11


“The upcoming Galaxy Z Fold combines the very best that smartphones and tablets offer and delivers completely new ways of working, connecting and creating, while the upcoming Z Flip exhibits an even more refined style, armed with more durable, stronger materials,” Roh said.

He stopped short of mentioning specific IP ratings or new materials like the recently announced Gorilla Glass DX, but enhanced durability will almost certainly be big deal, as the fragility of previous foldable phones is one of the their biggest shortcomings compared to more traditional phone designs. Leaks and rumors have previously mentioned that the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 will have some sort of water resistance, which would go a long ways toward improving everyday durability.


Roh also confirmed that Samsung will announce its first S-Pen designed specifically for foldable phones at Unpacked, which not only suggests that Samsung’s next-gen foldable screen tech is significantly stronger than before, it should also help soothe the sting of the news that Samsung won’t be launching a Galaxy Note at the event.

Roh also said Samsung is now working with more partners to get the best from apps on foldable devices. New optimized versions of Google Duo and Microsoft Teams are coming, and more apps are on the way. Roh was quick to mention that Samsung wants to encourage open and secure development for all sorts of apps on Samsung phones, so hopefully this time we’ll see some optimized apps from companies that aren’t Google and Microsoft.


When it comes to Samsung’s new phones, the theme for Samsung’s next Unpacked event may be two-fold: to firmly bring the company’s foldables into the mainstream spotlight, but to also explore what Samsung’s portfolio might look like without a new Galaxy Note for 2021. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be the new crown of Samsung’s Galaxy phone lineup.

Roh didn’t say much about the Galaxy Watch 4 or the Galaxy Buds 2, which are also rumored to launch Aug. 11, but stay tuned—it’s basically a guarantee that we’ll be hearing a lot more about the new Samsung devices before Unpacked.