Samsung D900 Black Carbon Reviewed (Verdict: Sexy All-Around)

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Rejoice, Americans. Finally, Samsung has begun sharing some of their European and Asian phones with our market. One of the phones they have decided to bring over is the Samsung D900 "Black Carbon." This is a GSM-enabled slider that is slim and sexy on the outside.

The sexiness of this phone only begins on the outside. Samsung, with the help of another software giant did some special things with the inner workings of the phone.


Hit the jump to find out how this phone became even sexier with the help of one giant software manufacturer, and hit our gallery.

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Samsung teamed up with Adobe, yes, that Adobe, to make the UI a little more intuitive. They succeeded with flying colors. Some folks may shrug off the look of the interface, but you don't truly appreciate good design until you actually have a phone with good, intuitive user interface sitting in front of you.

This interface built for the D900 has the same Samsung feel, but with added style. It is really hard to describe good design, so just hit the photogallery to get a better glimpse at this design.


Getting your grubby paws on this phone is a bit harder than strolling to the mall and picking it up from the T-Mobile kiosk. The D900 Black Carbon is only available directly from the Samsung website for $400. Purchase it this way and drop in your SIM card and proceed with bringing sexy back.


• GSM Quad-Band

• 3.0-megapixel Camera with Image editing, video recording, autofocus, PictBrdige

• Music Player, Document Viewer

• MicroSD expandability


Product Page [Samsung]

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