Samsung Might Bring Back One of the S6's Biggest Missing Features

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This year’s Galaxy S6 smartphone was a first for Samsung in many ways. It was the first phone to truly take on the iPhone in terms of design, and also the first to ditch two of its most prominent features—a removable battery and microSD card. Now, one of them might be making a comeback on the Galaxy S7.


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According to Italian site, Samsung could be reintroducing an expandable microSD card slot in the Galaxy S7. This makes a ton of sense, especially since Android Marshmallow supports flex storage–which essentially lets you use external storage like internal storage. However, there’s no mention if a removable battery will also be making a comeback. That little tech detail may be dead for good.

Also, as an interesting side note, the report also says that the Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S7 as a 5.2-inch smartphone with a flat display and a Galaxy S7 Edge as a larger 5.7-inch smartphone, much like the S6 edge+.

Want one more weird rumor? The phone may instead curve on the top and bottom of the device rather than the sides. So, yeah...there’s that. [ via SamMobile]

Futurama returns! a mobile game: It may not be quite the resurrection you wanted, but German app developer Wooga will be creating a new Futurama game called Futurama: Release the Drones with 20th Century Fox’s blessing. The game will pit Planet Express again MomCo to becoming the biggest and best shipping company. [Wooga]


Google goes east: According to unnamed sources, Google is moving into China with a censor-approved app store. It would be the company’s first push into the country since 2010. This is certainly good news for Android fans in China, however, the app store would still be limited compared to the one most of us enjoy. Still, it’s a start. [Reuters]

Playstation 4, meet your grandad: Sony execs have confirmed testing PS2 emulation on the PS4, with upscaled graphics. No doubt this is a move in step with Microsoft’s announcement a few months back the the Xbox One would be backwards compatible with the Xbox 360. However, right now the emulation is limited to a few Star Wars titles. Hopefully, we’ll know more soon. [Ars Technica]


Dammit, Google: You make Google Glass but not a Star Trek chest communicator? I want answers. [Time]




I don’t think I’ve ever used a spare battery for a smartphone, and the only time it has ever been an issue is when traveling on multiple long flights and either nowhere to plug the phone in between flights or no time to do so. Outside of this, there are so many opportunities to charge the phone: in the car? plug it in; at home? plug it in; going to bed? plug it in. That would get me through most days with even the most power hungry phones.

I might be the weirdo though, because I know people who never seem to ever have any battery life. Every time I see them, their phone is down to 10% or less, and they’re looking for somewhere to plug in because the external battery/portable charger thing they carry everywhere is also dead. That’s the thing about spare batteries, I guess—you have to charge them, too.