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Samsung SGH-X830: Nano Clone + Phone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Check out this swiveling MP3 phone from Samsung, the SGH-X830, which is so tiny it would be easy to lose in your pocket. It's about the size and shape of an iPod nano but thicker. You can swivel the screen around to reveal its phone keypad, whose keys are arranged in an unconventional two-by-two layout. And looky there, it's a hint of a scroll wheel. Again. Your move, Apple.

Follow the link for an extreme up-close-and-personal pictorial experience plus a few pithy comments.


Of course, these phones are being released in Korea first, and it's up to those squabbling US cellphone providers to decide who offers it stateside first. Please, someone pick this up soon, because we likey. Anyone notice how the latest cellphone designs are looking more Apple-like as the release of the iPhone draws nearer?

The SGH-X830 MP3 phone is finally available! [Akhihabara News]