Illustration for article titled Samsung Ships First 32GB moviNAND Chips (Translation: More Storage In Your Pocket, Sooner)

They're not the first major manufacturer to ship 32-gigabit NAND chips, nor are they the first to sell 32-gigabyte embedded cards. But they are the biggest, which means this step could have huge, fantastic consequences.


Papa Samsung does have a legitimate FIRST!! claim here, in that these moviNAND cards are the only ones to date to use 32Gb chips built on 30nm-class technology. This is only really exciting to the kind of people who go to work in a clean room and regularly wear anti-static bracelets—not so much to consumers.

An aspect of the announcement that does mean something to us is this: Samsung makes more NAND memory than any other single company, so when they ship a 32GB card intended for mobile devices, you can expect to actually see it mobile devices. And since many products (like the iPod Touch) are loaded with two or more cards, that means 64GB flash-based portable devices may soon enter the mainstream. [Aving]

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