Samsung announced the SPD-50P7HDT, a 50-inch plasma TV that the company calls "wireless." One thing we know for sure: this TV can't be completely wireless, but it does send its high-definition video signals to the monitor from its little black box seen on the shelf below the screen. So the idea is, you connect your cable box, disc players and such to this little AV box, and it sends the signal to the screen via 802.11a WiFi. So you could have your components secreted away in a cabinet somewhere, wirelessly sending their signals to the TV out in the open.

That picture sure makes it look like there aren't any wires involved, but don't be fooled—the TV doesn't run on batteries, so it needs to be plugged into an outlet somewhere. It involves less wires, but it's not wire-less. However, any idea that reduces that spaghetti bowl of tangled cables invading living rooms and home theaters across the world will be certainly welcome, and more wife-friendly, too. You'll pay dearly for the privilege, though, around $5,000 if it ever makes it to these shores.


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