Samsung To Announce Vista Compatible Hybrid Hard Drive

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Not exactly like the 32 GB Flash drive that Samsung rolled out in March, the hybrid hard drive (HHD) is a combination flash and standard hard disk that's going to be used to cut down boot times of laptops and PCs.

Microsoft's new Windows ReadyDrive will be reintroduced May 24th to take advantage of these new types of drives at the annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference—they were announced last WinHEC as a project code-named "Piton". The drives and the software should be out around the time Vista is launched, since they've been tailoring the drives for use in the new OS.


What does this means to you? Well, if you have one of these drives with Vista, expect to boot really, really fast. Great for the living room Media Center machines that are going to be built on Vista.

Instant Booting Comes Close to a Reality [The Korea Times]