It's not often you find a phone that goes both ways, yet that's exactly what the forthcoming SCH-U710 does. This kinky bidirectional clamshell flips open like a typical clamshell and also likes to be opened horizontally from the side. The phone sports a set of external music controls along with a microSD slot, Bluetooth, and EV-DO. The phone's menu is said to support visual themes (nice for a change) and there's also talk of a 3.2-megapixel cam. The QWERTY keypad looks a little too small for our giant paws and the phone's love handle (on the left) looks awkward for texting, but otherwise we're liking what we see. Click through to check it out for yourself.

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Samsung U710 [via HowardForums]

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