Samsung's About to Own More of the TV Market Than Any Company in 60 Years

Samsung's the biggest TV maker in the world. It beat Sony 4 years ago. But it's getting even bigger. Soon it will pass 20 percent marketshare, which the WSJ points out is "a threshold not reached by any manufacturer since the earliest days of the industry more than 60 years ago." Think about that.

Also interesting! Number two is LG. Together, today, they make over 30 percent of TVs. (They actually make the TVs, too, instead of outsourcing the crap out of components.) They'll own more than a third of the market soon. Seoulpower. Korea is the new Japan. [WSJ]



I always love hearing about Korea becoming a giant in the TV industry... if only the rest of the products would catch up. Don't get me wrong, some stuff available only in Korea is badass... it's just only available in Korea! So no matter how awesome it is, I can't enjoy a cell phone with a digital TV tuner so I can watch shit without paying like in Korea.