You'd think that Samsung would have placed its best industrial designers in divisions that focus on drool-worthy mobile products like smartphones and tablets, but apparently they've instead got them focused on the company's more mundane offerings like hot plates.

Without a sense of scale the O Table could easily pass for a sleek MP3 player, as long as you ignore the set of legs on the underside. But it's actually an inductive portable hot plate with a grooved circular touch pad that lets you dial in the temperature. It's also got a lovely set of glowing touch-friendly buttons, as well as practical functionality like boil over prevention.


There's no word on availability or pricing just yet, but it even sounds like they put more thought into naming the color options, including Capri Blue, Ruby Red, Mint Green, Stylish Black and Cream White, than the overall design of the entire Galaxy product range. [Pocket-lint]

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