Samsung's Pure Breeze Launcher for Android Is Really Weird

Launchers for Android are pretty wonderful, as they can transform your phone into something totally different. There's already awesome launchers like Launcher Pro and ADWLauncher but Samsung wants to throw their hat in the game too.


I know what you're thinking. Samsung? With their freaking TouchWiz UI? Luckily, we dodged a bullet there and it's not going to be TouchWiz. Instead, it's a new interface called Pure Breeze that's, um, a little weird. The emphasis of Pure Breeze is to manage your applications with groups. On launch, it's a long vertical list of apps that isn't side scrollable, you throw the apps you want to organize into the bottom bar (which is side scrollable). There's also a floating "home screen", called The Kite, which is always easily accessible (and the place you can store your favoritest apps and widgets).

'm not sure if I like these small tweaks (I'm so used to side scrolling homescreen on Android phones) but I just know I feel really weird using them. [Android Market via TechCrunch]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

How is creating a group different than just creating a screen with all your apps the way you sort them? And how is 'the kite' different than your home screen on TouchWiz. I just don't get it. My home button takes me to the home screen where I put all my favorite apps and my dialer. I can then side swipe to the next page over where I have all my games, then one over for financial apps etc. etc. I don't see the difference here.