Samurai Underpants Sheaths Your Katana in Awesome

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Who doesn't dream of wandering the fields of ancient Japan, wielding a katana for truth and justice? Though the samurai age is long over, you can still ennoble your privates with awesome samurai underpants.

Samurai-themed underwear have become something of a runaway hit in Japan. Each piece is made to resemble the armor of famous Japanese samurai, such as Tokugawa shogunate founder Tokugawa Ieyasu or military hero Oda Nobunaga.

They can be found on Japanese company Sido's website, but everything is currently sold out. If you wait for them to restock, each piece will cost you about $100. [Japan Probe]

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$100 for underwear?! You'd think with Japan in a recession they'd start pricing things a bit more reasonably. But I guess when it comes to fads suckers will pay anything.