SanDisk Blames Vista For Slow Deployment in SSDs

Illustration for article titled SanDisk Blames Vista For Slow Deployment in SSDs

You know how solid state drives aren't very common right now? SanDisk laid the blame for that directly onto Microsoft's face, accusing Windows Vista of not being optimized for those SSDs. The next-generation drives due out soon require more advanced controllers (the stuff that interfaces with the drive itself), which "need to basically compensate for Vista's shortfalls."


SanDisk's chairman and CEO follows up with "performance in the Vista environment falls short of what the market really needs and that is why we need to develop the next generation." Seriously though, if this is true, we hope Windows 7 solves these issues so we can finally get some flash action up in our laptops. Then again, it could just be SanDisk covering up their own failure to get products to market with some finger pointing. [CNET]



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