SanDisk Sansa Shaker: For Kiddies

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Fresh off the announcement of their Connect, SanDisk is releasing their Sansa Shaker for the younger market and we love the design. It's hourglassed for a small hand and features buttons built into the top and bottom bands (maybe they twist?). Despite the earbuds in the photo, the Shaker features a built-in speaker to probably reduce choking hazards/torture parents with kiddie music.

The 512MB memory is decent considering the sub-$50 price and expandable SD slot. But the buzz is all about a cryptic "shake" function that allows kids to interact with the music. We're guessing it makes the noise of a *gasp* shaker, but what a great, simple idea to draw children into the world of music.

Yes, that last sentence was horrid. I'm off to eat a raw steak and do other man things. I don't want kids yet. I don't want kids yet. I don't want kids yet.


Product Page [via anythingbutipod]

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I go on another forum(yup its anythingbutipod which is what im for :) ) and read about this a few days ago. But my only question is how big it would be considering it has an sd slot. Not a bad deal but id reather throw a few extra dollars towards something i like more(brand wise) and that has 1gb.