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Sandy Play-Doh Lets You Build Your Castles Anywhere

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Engineering the perfect sand castle is tricky even in ideal conditions. If you don't get the sand to water ratio just right, your majestic creation will collapse and wash away. Unless you're cool with cheating. In that case all you need is a jar of Brookstone's magical Sand that's always the perfect consistency.

Remember that time you brought Play-Doh to the beach and it ended up getting all gritty? That's kind of what's going on here. Except Brookstone's creation is actually 98 percent sand mixed with a non-toxic polymer that keeps it perpetually moist and moldable.


At $25 a jar, or two for $40, it's a lot cheaper than packing up the family for a trip to the beach. And since it only sticks to itself, you won't have to worry about this sand getting into every nook and cranny. [Brookstone via The Green Head]