Sansa Fuze Turns Up at Amazon

The Sansa Fuze, which we heard word of earlier, has just turned up at Amazon. The listing confirms the PMP will have a 1.9" screen, voice recording function (that works via the built-in microphone), microSD/microSDHC slot and will offer support for MP3, WMA and MPEG-4 encoded content. Retailing at $99 for a 4GB edition, the internal battery will squeeze out 24 hours of audio playback and 5 hours of video on a single charge. Checkout some more shots of the PMP below.


Amazon lists red, black and pink models, but there are no images of the pink or black varieties as yet. Standing in at 2.2 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches, it is a little thicker than the fruity equivalent, but if you were thinking of settling down with an iPod nano, you may want to wait for the verdict on the Fuze before you make any hasty decisions. [Amazon via DAP Review]


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