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So after Sony visited the other day and started talking about BRAVIA, Sanyo knocked on the door with its own line of ALL CAPS television sets. It's called GRAFINA, which looks like BRAVIA after being encrypted using an Enigma. I supposed it could also be an acronym related to liquid crystal projection (but that is so much less fun).


There is something to be said for the GRAFINA, it comes in two sizes—45-inches and 55-inches—and it's only 15-inches deep. Pretty amazing for a rear projection of any sort, even liquid crystal. The sides are tapered too, so that the box fits nicely into a corner. Resolution is 1280x720 and it has a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Prices will range from $4279 to $5135 USD when it goes on sale November 1 (although not necessarily in the U.S.).

Sanyo 55" TV GRAFINA [Akihabara]