Sanyo Xacti HD2 Flash Camcorder: Better Low Light, HDMI, Still 720p

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Lots of camcorder experts hated the Sanyo Xacti HD1's flash camcorder's quality, despite its 720p HD resolution. This update, the HD2, tackles the issue of lousy low light sensitivity with a 7.38 MPixel CCD. (It'll now work in 12.5 lux, while the older one only went as low as 50 lux.) That's good, because I actually like the HD1 a lot, except for that issue. The other concern of mine is the inability to zoom out wide enough to capture a scene while you're somewhat close to it. Maybe they'll fix that in the HD3. Either way, I really do like these $700 cams.


Sanyo HD2 [Gizmag]

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