Saturday Morning Cartoons bring you clips from this week's episodes of Young Justice, Generator Rex, & more!

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For some reason, good ‘ol cartoons like we grew up with in the 80s and 90s (and earlier) don't come on during Saturday mornings anymore. Maybe it's because anyone who is awake and would watch is sleeping. But it doesn't matter, we've got you covered. In this week's installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons, we'll take a look at new episodes of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Young Justice, and more! Minor spoilers ahead.


Young Justice - "Humanity"

Young Justice is a loosely based on the Teen Titans comic series of a couple years back, with the team made up of Robin (Dick Grayson), Flash (Wally West), Artemis, Aqualad, Superboy (Connor Kent), Arsenal, and Miss Martian. Zatanna joins them for her first mission in this episode as they track down the truth behind the Red Tornado.

This clip has T.O. Morrow telling the history of the Red Tornado and his predecessors, the Red Torpedo and Firebrand, and ties them to the Justice Society of America. The show plays homage to past DC continuity, with cameos by the Golden Age Green Lantern and Flash.

Generator Rex - "Six Minus Six"

This episode starts with a botched attempt to restore Rex's memories, with Six forced to shut down the process, as it begins to reboot Rex's programming. During this act of heroism, Six is injured and loses the memories of his last six years, causing him to revert to a mercenary-like state. This clip features a great chase scene as Steve and Rex track down a Cthulu-like creature.

Ben 10: The Ultimate Alien - "The Perfect Girlfriend"

Ben's girlfriend, Julie, has been acting a bit strange. A little Stepford Wives-ish. Nanochips haven taken over Julie, with this episode featuring the return of Elena as she tries to get back with Ben. I never knew cartoons could be so much like a soap opera, with this clip making it oddly evident.


South Park – "Bass to Mouth"

The return of Lemmiwinks! Lemmiwinks is brought into service to combat his brother Wikileaks, who has started a gossip website about the kids at South Park Elementary. That frog guy in the clip looks a lot like the final boss in Super Mario Bros. 2. The school makes a pact with Cartman to end the website, and for some reason Selena Gomez shows up as payment.


China, IL - "Baby Boom"

China, IL is Brad Neely's Justice League – the former South Park writer combines the online cartoons Babycakes and Professor Brothers into one show, topping it off with Hulk Hogan voicing the Dean of a crappy college, one so bad that, "No one should ever go there, this school is bad, bad, bad." This episode has the Professor Brothers celebrating their opportunity to be talking heads on the History Channel, only to have it stolen away by a giant baby who kills the crew and destroys the campus, but not before one of the Professor Brothers finds a get rich quick scheme via the blood of the elderly. It doesn't make sense, I know, but it's a blast.


China, IL airs Sunday nights on Cartoon Network and South Park airs Wednesday nights on Comedy Central. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Generator Rex, and Young Justice air Friday nights on the Cartoon Network. Clips courtesy of Cartoon Network and Comedy Central. All shows can be watched on line via Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, or South Park Studios.




I knew that Zatanna was going to be the sorta sidekick instead of her protege(cause of her father and all of that).

That would mean that it would be cool to see Plastic Man's son or Marvel Jr. (if he does exist in this universe) to have some cameos as well.

I really diggin China,IL and all the wtfquery that goes on in it.

Now, where is My Little*Gets bashed by a giant mace*