Say Goodbye to SeaWorld Barbie

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One less entry on a resume that’s a thousand jobs long isn’t going to hurt her career, but a few days ago Mattel confirmed to the New York Post that it had stopped production of its SeaWorld-themed Barbie products as a result of concerns raised by environmental groups.

PETA—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals—has been very vocal about the theme park’s practices when it comes to how SeaWorld treats its animals. And the release of the documentary Blackfish a couple of years ago had a dramatically negative effect on the public’s opinion of SeaWorld and its attractions, leading many to boycott the park and companies affiliated with it.

So after just three years Barbie is parting ways, but there’s no word on what’s happening to the animals entrusted to her care. Hopefully they’ll be released into larger toy stores after being rehabilitated and taught how to sell themselves. [New York Post via ToyNews]


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