Scarlett Johansson is playing a super-sexy alien, plus first look at Jessica Alba in a leather catsuit for Spy Kids

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Scarlett Johansson is making her very own Species as an evil alien seductress. Jessica Alba catsuits-up for Spy Kids. Ian McKellen may not be back as Gandalf. Learn why the mysterious machine is key to all things on Fringe. Spoilerama!

Under the Skin:

Scarlett Johansson will reportedly star as an alien who travels the world seducing and killing humans, until she decides to turn good and help humans fight off her even more evil fellow alien seductresses. This sounds more like a dirty joke/adolescent fantasy/unauthorized remake of Species, but I'll admit...yeah, that seems like a winning formula. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Spy Kids 4:

Considering the last Spy Kids movie featured giant robots, flying wheelchairs and cyberspace everting, this seems worth covering. And apparently Jessica Alba is in this movie as one of the grown-ups, and she's wearing a Black Widow-esque catsuit. Here are some new set pics. More at the links. [SpoilerTV-Movies and ScreenRant]


Judge Dredd:

Karl Urban's spin on the Lawmaster motorbike will reportedly be shot in 3D. It's also picked up a distributor in Lionsgate. [The Hollywood Reporter]


The Hobbit:

Sir Ian McKellen says that he's not under contract yet to return as Gandalf, and he makes it clear that he's not going to wait around forever for Peter Jackson to contact him. That said, he still says he hopes to return. change there really. [Broadway World]



Director Tom McGrath says that this film isn't meant as a parody or a bunch of pop culture references, which will be a nice change for a Dreamworks film:

Superman especially. I didn't want to do a parody, because it pulls you out of the movie if you're always referencing the movie you saw, but there are a couple things. The origin story of coming from a different planet and it was part of what made the movie kind of funny was instead of landing on the Kent's farm he landed in prison. And then the whole "Space Dad" thing that Will [Ferrell] kind of spearheaded. We designed the character, it looked more like Ted Kennedy than Jor-El, but [Will] just wanted to do the Marlon Brando with a lisp. It was so funny, we couldn't pass it. But we honestly tried to stay away from any kind of punny take on a superhero line or any kind of pop culture reference. I did a little bit of that in Madagascar and I just wanted to stay away.


He then says he would love to do a sequel focusing on Megamind and his sidekick Minion. He seems to want to turn them into a sort of Han Solo/Chewbacca pair who go to a villains convention in a rundown motel. At least...I think that's what he's suggesting. Either way, I'm intrigued. Check out the interview for more on all this at the link. [CinemaBlend]

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:

School of Rock screenwriter Mike White is reportedly the main contender to take over for David O. Russell as the movie's director. [LA Times]


Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter:

Speaking of adaptations of Seth Grahame-Smith books, Tom Hardy has reportedly been offered the supporting role of Henry Sturgess, one of President Lincoln's vampire allies. [Bloody Disgusting]


The Tree of Life:

Iconoclastic auteur Terrance Malick's latest isn't exactly science fiction, but it couches one character's journey to peace and enlightenment in the most cosmic possible terms, including a history of the universe from birth to death. Besides, it's Terrance Malick, and he's something of a genius, so let's take a look at the synopsis:

We trace the evolution of an eleven-year-old boy in the Midwest, JACK, one of three brothers. At first all seems marvelous to the child. He sees as his mother does with the eyes of his soul. She represents the way of love and mercy, where the father tries to teach his son the world's way of putting oneself first. Each parent contends for his allegiance, and Jack must reconcile their claims. The picture darkens as he has his first glimpses of sickness, suffering and death. The world, once a thing of glory, becomes a labyrinth.

From this story is that of adult Jack, a lost soul in a modern world, seeking to discover amid the changing scenes of time that which does not change: the eternal scheme of which we are a part. When he sees all that has gone into our world's preparation, each thing appears a miracle-precious, incomparable. Jack, with his new understanding, is able to forgive his father and take his first steps on the path of life.

The story ends in hope, acknowledging the beauty and joy in all things, in the everyday and above all in the family-our first school-the only place that most of us learn the truth about the world and ourselves, or discover life's single most important lesson, of unselfish love.


Whatever this is about, it sounds absolutely massive. It also stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, which is nice. [Collider]


That weird machine that has something to do with Peter is, according to showrunner Joel Wyman, the main thrust of the whole season, and there will be real, tangible answers to what it all is. While the big revelations won't come until the end of the season, we will learn more about it in a couple episodes' time. Fellow showrunner Jeff Pinkner explains what are the sequential arcs, implying a confrontation between universes may lie at the end of it:

The blanket answer to all of these questions is that in the next suite of episodes the question is "Will Olivia figure out who she is, and manage to get back to her home — and will our team discover the truth about the other universe's Olivia in time?" And then, "Will they apprehend her, or will she escape back to her home?" The universes won't overlap…yet.


Also, the alternate universe Charlie and Lincoln don't know about the Olivia swap, and they will want their Olivia back when they find out the truth. They also haven't figured out who alt-Nina will be yet, except that she will definitely have both arms intact. They also want to bring back Peter's mother, but because actress Orla Brady lives in Ireland, that has proved tricky. [E! Online]

Here's four sneak peeks for "Amber 31422", in one handy video clip: [Fringe Television]


Here are some more promo pics for episode 8, guest starring Summer Glau: [SpoilerTV]



Here's a short summary for the wonderfully absurdly titled episode "All Dogs Go To Heaven":

Dean and Sam investigate what appears to be a werewolf killing, but their probe reveals a skinwalker posing as a family dog is responsible. When the skinwalker takes human form, he warns the brothers that an alpha skinwalker is planning a mass murder.


[TV Guide]

Stargate Universe:

Here's a clip from next week's episode, "The Greater Good": Click to view

Here are some promo pics for episode 7: [SpoilerTV]

And here's some detailed summaries for the next four episodes:


Dr. Rush and Col. Young are stranded aboard an alien ship. Destiny comes upon a heavily damaged ship floating in space. Dr. Rush suggests that the alien vessel be explored in the hopes of salvaging any worthwhile data or technology. Without a shuttle, Rush and Col. Young must make a dangerous space-suited expedition to the derelict ship. Once safely aboard, they discover that the ship contains empty pods similar to those they encountered on the seed ship. As Dr. Rush gets the life support and power running, the ship's engines suddenly engage, propelling it away from Destiny. With the power now depleted the ships drift helplessly apart. Unwilling to tell everyone that he has partial control of The Destiny, Rush claims he has been working on a program to manually fire Destiny's thrusters. Because of the complexity of the program he suggests Dr. Amanda Perry be brought on board via the communication stones to help. Once aboard, Rush covertly informs her of his success with Destiny's master code and directs her to the bridge. With Rush's help, Perry is able to steer Destiny back to the damaged ship. But when Eli unearths their plan, the big secret is revealed much to Rush's chagrin – especially when Young finds out.

2.08 - MALICE

Lucian Alliance prisoner Simeon escapes, creating a manhunt on a remote planet. Ginn, using the stones to trade bodies with Dr. Amanda Perry, continues to fill in Homeworld Command of an impending Lucian Alliance attack. Suspecting she's giving up valuable information Simeon manufactures an escape by killing his guard then making his way to silence Ginn. Taking Park hostage, Simeon forces Volker to dial a planet and escapes off the ship. When Rush finds Ginn's lifeless body, knowing what it means for Dr. Perry, he gates to the planet on a mission of vengeance. But Homeworld Command, believing Simeon has information that could prevent an attack on Earth orders he be captured alive. Col. Young must send Lt. Scott and Msgt. Greer to bring Simeon back before he kills Rush or is killed himself.


Crewmembers left behind on a seemingly ideal world over a year earlier make a mysterious return. The Destiny crewmembers left behind on an idyllic planet over a year ago suddenly turn up aboard a shuttle, giving Tamara renewed hope of finding her lost daughter. The circumstances surrounding their surprising return remain a mystery however. Dr. Caine and the others have no memory of how they got there. Young, fearing alien involvement, isolates Caine and co. Tamara's examination of the former crew verifies not only their identity but also that they are all in perfect physical condition. The investigation of the shuttle reveals the same: it is like new. The mystery takes an unsettling turn when one of the returned crewmembers abruptly drops dead. Wray lobbies Young to let her use regression therapy in the hopes of learning what really happened back on the planet. Young agrees, but the memories stirred prove disastrous for those who've returned. Meanwhile, as her alien transformation progresses, Chloe prepares her final goodbyes.


All is not as it seems when Destiny follows a remote energy signature that leads them to a sea of damaged and lifeless ships. Destiny detects a remote energy signature originating from an area outside its set course. Dr. Rush believes it could be coming from a potential new power source or could be a sign of intelligent life arguing that whatever is out there could prove to be of great benefit to the crew and Destiny's mission. Col. Young reluctantly agrees and permits Dr. Rush to manipulate navigation and take Destiny off course. After a day in FTL the ship reaches a sea of wrecked ships, the carnage of a centuries old battle. With no visible signs of danger, Lt. Scott, Msgt. Greer and Volker set off in the shuttle to take a closer look. Eli uses Destiny's systems to recreate a simulation of the battle only to discover the debris is not what it seems. Chloe succumbs deeper to the alien infection, knowing she poses a greater risk the longer she stays aboard the Destiny. But when a lost friend comes to the rescue it's no longer Chloe's alien abductors the crew has to worry about. On Earth, Eli struggles with how to tell his mother the truth about what has happened to him. Wray (MING-NA) takes leave to visit Sharon but finds the distance is starting to take its toll on their relationship.




There are four more sneak peeks for the second series premiere: Click to view

Click to view

Click to view

Click to view


The Cape:

Episode 5 will reportedly be titled "Scales on a Train." I think that's supposed to be some sort of a weird double pun, but all right. [SpoilerTV]



ITV's science fiction show which totally isn't their attempt to do Doctor Who — no, seriously, it isn't, why are you looking at me like that? — has just completed filming its fourth and fifth series in Dublin. The next two series will total thirteen episodes, with seven in the former and six in the latter. [Den of Geek]


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