Scattering Your Ashes Into The Stratosphere Is A Very Final Sendoff

Short of having your body shipped off on a flaming longboat, there aren't many more spectacular ways to be sent off than having your ashes scattered into the edge of the atmosphere. At least, that's the thinking behind Mesoloft, a company that will do exactly that, and provide a GoPro video to immortalize the moment.


The ashes are attached to a weather balloon, which is sent up to an altitude of around 17 miles, where the ashes are released into the upper edges of the stratosphere. Depending on how fickle the weather is feeling, they'll then drift around the world a few times, before returning to some faraway corner of the planet in the form of rain.

If that sounds like your ideal sendoff, prices start at $2,800 for the barebones package, with a full-fledged launch ceremony running you $7,500. [CNET via Gizmodo UK]

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John Smith

*Not a physicist*

Why would the ashes "drift around the world a few times?" If the payload is being hoisted by a balloon, there is no tangential velocity to carry the particles in any kind of orbit. I suppose the wind might blow the particles around a bit, but the only force acting appreciably on your corpse-dust is gravity, which is going to pull you straight down.