School Shows Students Dangers of Texting While Driving Using Mario Kart

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Vail Christian High School is taking this texting-while-driving thing seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they've brought in one of the most realistic driving simulators ever conceived to teach kids the dangers of this practice.


The simulation is simple. Students grasp the motion sensitive wheel in one hand, and a cell phone in the other. Then, just like in a real live driving situation, they fire off a blue shell before bounding over spongy mushroom jumps while a mustachioed plumber hurls bananas and high-pitched Italian-esque insults in their general direction.

See? Totally serious.

Now, silly as it sounds, this program apparently did educate the students about the dangers of driving in the Mushroom Kingdom while texting. "I ran into a lot of things and it was very stressful," said 13-year-old "it's-a me!" Alli O'Brian.


Good on her, and good on Eagle County, seriously, for educating these kids early on. As we saw here in Boston recently, texting's no joke. In fact, as Chen pointed out, it's getting pretty frickin' ridiculous.

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This isnt accurate at all. I appreciate what is trying to be done here, but as far as realism goes, there is very little to none.

My chem professor has actually suggested something that is somewhat of a good idea, albeit impractical: why not force new drivers to have a manual car? that way they have to focus on shifting and getting the car to move instead of just pressing the gas pedal and it going. (now i know eventually some kids will get good enough to think they can still text, but its a much smaller portion)