Schwag Watch: Year-End Roundup

As 2006 comes to a close, it's time for Gizmodo's (first) annual year-end "schwag watch." You might recall that Gizmodo has been disclosing the products that our writers keep, or accept as gifts, since earlier this year. We were reminded to update this irregular feature upon learning that Microsoft gifted Ferrari laptops to a bunch of bloggers.

But back to the schwag. Gizmodo never trades posts, or editorial placement of any sort, for gifts. In the course of covering consumer electronics, well, schwag happens. We believe in full disclosure, and we will always tell you if we accepted a junket. Which is why...

we put together this master list of the product each editor and writer at Gizmodo has received in 2006. I got the most stuff—I win!


Brian Lam:
Helio Drift
PiccoZ Helicopter

Charlie White:
PiccoZ helicopter, $39

Jason Chen:
Xbox 360 Racing Wheel
19-inch Dell Monitor
Helio Drift and two other Helio phones
Meizu Miniplayer

Nicholas Deleon:
I went to that Fabio thing for free
I have a couple of phones lying around my dorm that just showed up from Samsung, and Verizon.


Travis Hudson:
Kensington Optical Mouse
Laptop Lock
Belkin TuneCommand

Louis Ramirez:
SanDisk Sansa e280R
Motorola Q
Plantronics Explorer 320 (bluetooth headset)
Nokia BH-800 (bluetooth headset)
Firebox LaserPod
Olympus WS-300M (digital voice recorder)
Firebox Zounds


Noah Robischon:
PS3 (both of which I use for game reviews)
Apple sent me an iPod nano and shuffle
Nike gave sneakers to every journalist who attended the Nike+ press conference, including me
SanDisk Sansa
GE DECT 6.0 phone
Nokia sent me the N80ie and a BH-800 Bluetooth headset
Helio Drift
Amp'd Mobile phone
Motorola gave me a Q (I switched to Verizon and use it daily)
Das Keyboard (offered to send it back, but they told me to keep it)
JVC gave Gizmodo an editorial discount for and Everio which we will use at CES

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Wow, Noah you really did make out with the most/best stuff! It also seems that being a blogger is my new dream career ;)Then the savings account could actually stand a chance to grow, instead of being depleted for shiney things.

P.S. What do you guys do with all of those extra cell phones? (or doubles of anything else for that matter). Just curious :)