Scosche FreedomMIC Is a Wireless Mic For Your New Flip Ultra

One of the more exciting features of the new Flip Ultras is the FlipPort, a proprietary connection that allows the UltraHD to take advantage of third-party accessories. Among the first: the Scosche freedomMIC, a wireless lapel mic for your pocketcam.


The freedomMIC has two components: a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the bottom of the new Flip UltraHD and a lavalier condensor mic with noise cancellation. The pair has a range of 100 feet and both are powered by lithium ion batteries that Scosche says offer 4 hours of runtime.

It'll be available in December for $100, just in time for you to have your local mall Santa clip it to his beard so you can hear your young'n request his or her gift with crystal clarity. [Scosche]

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