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Netflix's Anime Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Puts a New Spin on the Franchise

The film's cast, including Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, returns—but it's not the exact same story.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off premieres November 17.
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off premieres November 17.
Image: Netflix

You’ve read the comics. You’ve seen the movie. Will you still be able to get something out of the new Netflix anime, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off? The answer, according to the show’s creators, is a resounding yes. “If you think you know what you’re going to see, you don’t,” show co-creator BenDavid Grabinski told the Los Angeles Times in a new interview.

Here’s what we do know. We know the show, which debuts on Netflix on November 17, features Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, and all the characters from the graphic novels Bryan Lee O’Malley released beginning in 2004. It’s animated by Science Saru, the team behind Devilman Crybaby. We also know the characters’ voices are provided by the same actors who portrayed them in the 2010 movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Beyond that, Grabinski and O’Malley realized the show couldn’t just be the same story over again. It had to have a new spin.


The pair seem guarded over revealing what exactly that new spin is, but the LA Times article does offer a few hints. For example, O’Malley hints that the show will explore all of the show’s characters, not just Scott himself. “We’re trying to get into people’s heads more,” he said. “Because when I was 25 years old, I didn’t know what these people were feeling necessarily. But I’ve seen a lot more life and I have more context for those characters now.”

One character who’ll definitely be explored more is Ramona Flowers. “It’s been so fun to try to just give you so much more of an emotional connection to her and adding as much shading as we can,” Grabinski said. In addition, we’ll see more from her evil exes, largely relegated to mere villains in other iterations. “I think my main regret that I’ve expressed about the books is that I didn’t get enough time to develop the evil exes,” O’Malley said. “Especially after knowing the casting, it [felt] like, oh, we should have more scenes with the evil exes.”


Besides that, the story will still be set in Toronto, still set in the 2000s, still see Scott Pilgrim fall for Ramona, and still see him play in the band Sex Bob-Omb. But exactly how do elements blend these new ideas, while also staying true to the Scott Pilgrim story? We’ll have to wait until November 17 to see.

Read much more about the show in the LA Times article.

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