Screw a House, I'm Buying a Camper Bike

Houses are passe and RVs are overrated. The Camper Bike is where it's at. I don't care if sleeping—let alone functioning—in the thing is a physical impossibility. I WANT ONE.

Artist Kevin Cyr worked on the Camper Bike in 2008, though little is revealed about the technical specs, it looks like an overgrown tricycle with a camper shell that's been sawed in half (maybe even thirds). A concept sketch also shows room for a couch, a bed, and a desk/table with a TV. I like it already.


BTW, there's also a Camper Kart! Looking like the latest and greatest in homeless chic, the camper kart is a shopping cart with a pop-up lid that reveals a tent, allowing you to sleep across the top of the cart. Seriously, WANT. [Kevin Cyr via Make]

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