Screw Geek Squad, Just Use Fire to Fix the iBook

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So, older iBooks have a bit of a video problem where they will stop displaying video entirely. Apple will replace the laptop, but what if it is out of it's warranty? Well, do what this guy did, figure out the problem and fix it yourself using fire. The iBook video problem occurs because of solder balls underneath the graphics chip that do not hold. Using a bit of heat can fix this problem. Jump for a video.

This likely isn't the safest or most fool-proof way to fix a video problem, but what have you got to lose if you have an Apple notebook out of warranty?

Now, to make things sure, this is NOT A HOW TO. If you set your house on fire because of this, don't come complain to me, okay? If you do attempt this, this is all AT YOUR OWN RISK. This really is the last thing you want to do to your iBook and the chance this operation succeeds is very little.


DIY obsolete iBook logic board repair [Via MAKE]