Michael Untermeyer better steer clear of the strip clubs for the next thirty days. The candidate for Philly DA has chosen to wear an electronic monitoring anklet like the thugs get to wear. Why?

Leading by example, or you know by gimmick, the candidate believes that the state can save millions by slapping these GPS trackers on nonviolent criminal defendants instead of keeping them in jail. Here is a candidate really trying to relate to all the people. You can watch where he is right now on his website.


This reminds me of when my friend tried out his dog's invisible fence collar. He understood the punishment so much more after he ran through it and got shocked in the jugular. Either way, I'd still keep my eyes on Untermeyer to see if he slips up and forgets he is being tracked at all times. Oh in case you really do track him, the site doesn't work in Firefox. That already has to ignore about half of his voting constituency. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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