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Seagate's FreeAgent DockStar Network Adapter Brings Access To Your Files Courtesy of Pogoplug

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember Pogoplug, the device that lets you take any USB disk and make it accessible to anywhere on the internet? Seagate's just licensed that technology and put it into the DockStar Network Adapter for their own DockStar hard drive.

The concept is the same: you plug in the FreeAgent DockStar, from Seagate, and the Network Adapter will bring the drive online for access from across the internet (or just somewhere in your own home network). Seagate's solution also includes three extra USB ports to get three other devices online as well, and will be available for $100, which includes a year of Pogoplug service. Each subsequent year costs $30 per year. [Seagate]