Secret Drawer Bookshelf Hides Your Most Embarrassing Collectibles

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This brilliant shelf is perfect for anyone who loves to show off the tchotchkes they've amassed, but also keep the more embarrassing items out of sight. On top you can proudly display your collection of antique tea cups, while the secret drawer will easily hide all of your Pokemon trading cards

When closed, the 1.3-inch thick shelf won't draw any attention to itself thanks to a wraparound wood veneer that hides the drawer's seams. And in lieu of handles that would be a dead giveaway of its alter-ego, the shelf is opened using a set of magnetic 'keys' that easily detach when it's closed. Besides hiding the trashy tomes you enjoy curling up with at night, the shelf also makes for a great place to stash valuables—at least it would if Torafu Architects were to actually put it into production.


[Torafu Architects via designboom]