Seeing Film Scenes Side-By-Side with the Original Storyboard Drawings Is So Cool

In these wonderful videos by Glass Distortion, you get to see the creative process of filmmaking: you can read what was written in the script, peek at what was imagined in the storyboards, and see the finished scene that was filmed for the movie. It’s the whole sausage making of turning words on a page into visual art laid out right in front of you.

In The Empire Strikes Back, we see Luke’s dream sequence of fighting himself as Darth Vader. In The Dark Knight, we see the epic chase scene where the big rig flips into the freaking air. In No Country for Old Men, we see the fantastic shootout scene. All of them are really great to see side-by-side with the original storyboards but I think my favorite has to be No Country for Old Men. The storyboards really give you the same sense of panic, fear, and urgency as the movie does. Watch them all below (I had to watch them all multiple times to follow everything that was happening).

The Empire Strikes Back (storyboard artist: Ivor Beddoes)


The Dark Knight (storyboard artist: Gabriel Hardman)

No Country for Old Men (storyboard artist: J. Todd Anderson)


And here’s a commercial for Chanel (storyboard artist: Maxime Rebière)


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Go Hawkeyes

That Channel spot has a creeper in it.

So dumb question, do they actually make the story boards animated like that when they make the story boards? Or was that just done for these videos. Because it’d be awesome to watch an entire movie, like the Star Wars one, in just the story boards.