Segway Officially Announces i2 and x2 Models

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Given FCC approval just a few days ago, Segway Inc. officially announced two additions to the Segway family of personal transportation devices, the i2 and the x2. Both models include technology that supposedly make them easier to ride: LeanSteer tilts the Segway toward the direction in which you're leaning and InfoKey monitors the vitals (speed, batter, etc.) of your urban assault vehicle.

The i2 should have a top speed of 12.5 mph with a range of 24 miles per battery charge and will be available in three models: the i2 Police, the i2 Commercial Cargo and i2 Commuter.


Meanwhile, the x2—clearly intended for people who live a more extreme lifestyle—is a more rugged version of the Segway, complete with off-road, all-terrain tires and a special cushion made from super soft New World materials that cushion your bottom from bumps and bruises. The x2 comes in three models: the x2 Police, the x2 Adventure and the x2 Golf.

The i2 will retail for $4,995 with the x2 coming in at $5,495.

Segway Personal Transporters [Segway via CrunchGear]

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great. now douchebags have two extra ways to annoy me in the supermarket.

actually, what annoys the hell out of me is not that some idiot will drop 5K on one of those, but that many local law enforcement agencies will do that. WTF does a cop need a Segway for I'll never understand.