Segway Trike Manages to Defeat the Whole Purpose of Segway

Designed with the hopes that it would completely transform urban transportation, the Segway was a battery-powered self-balancing two-wheeled scooter that was unfortunately priced way too high to catch on. But the technology behind it was impressive, which is why the company's latest creation, a three-wheeled trike that doesn't balance at all, feels like a disappointing compromise.

It's almost as if Segway decided to make its own non-balancing Segway knock-off, but there are actually strategic reasons for adding that third wheel, the company claims.


Because the SE-3 Patroller isn't always self-balancing and making constant minute adjustments, it can maximize its range with its rechargeable and swappable Li-ion batteries. And, it's much easier for police officers or security guards to quick hop on and off when in pursuit of a suspect.

For $12,000, shipping sometime in June, the SE-3 also comes with additional lights, weatherproof body panels, and mounts for attaching surveillance cameras and other law enforcement-related accessories. The design seems to go against everything that made the original Segway neat and novel, but since they never quite took the world by storm, it's interesting to see the company seeking out new ways to adapt and make them more useful. [Segway via Gizmag]

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