Seiko High-Res Super-Thin EBook Reader

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More E-Book News, this one a prototype from Seiko Epson, makers of the cool E-ink watch. The device's form factor is at least as thin as Sony's Reader, but it has a 1200x1600 display. That's a lot of res on that 6.7-inch screen. UPDATE: Res independence, good point brilliant readers. [MobileRead via TechnoBob]


* Terminal measures 180x120mm (B6 size)
* Thickness: 3mm
* Weight: 57g
* Contrast ratio: 8:1
* Reflectivity: 43%
* Redrawing time: 0.7s
* Battery: one CR1220 button cell battery (1'400 screen redraws)

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sharp corners? too expensive? It is a PROTOTYPE... focus is on the refresh time, battery life, etc.

Seriously, we wouldn't consider it unless the case comes in another color. Silver is sooo "Apple 2006." I wonder if there will be a leather cover option. Hmmm... maybe they can move the logo down just a bit more. Geeez, it would look a lot better if...