Seiko SlimStick Fitness Aid Explains Why You're Fat

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Seiko's Slimstick is a fitness device that will detail calories burned across a day, length of daily activity, total number of steps taken, as well as offer up a relative fitness score to keep you in check. The Slimstick will store 12-weeks worth of data and the aluminum clad gizmo will set you back ¥6,984 ($55.) Finally, a device you can clip to your shirt, which will quantifiably explain why you are morbidly obese at the end of each exercise free, sugar coated, sweat filled day. Thanks, Seiko. [Technabob]


Looks like a next-gen heart monitor/pedometer, if it works as well as they claim, and can keep accurate details as to how many calories I burn in the day, my heart rate during periods of physical exertion, and assess improvements, then I'm down for a handful of these.