Self-Righting Floating Lighthouse Toy Is a Beacon of Fun For Your Dog

In the same way that a magnet's mysterious attraction leaves us scratching our heads, no one really understands the invisible force that perpetually pulls dogs towards large bodies of water. And until scientists figure it out, it's best not to get in your dog's way. Instead, you might as well just encourage them to have fun, and this throwable floating lighthouse toy is a great way to do just that.

Unlike a stick that can easily get lost amongst the waves, this bright orange foam toy is reminiscent of the highly visible floating buoys that mark shipping lanes. A short length of rope hanging off the top makes it easy to hurl far into the surf, and when it hits the water the toy automatically rights itself making it easy for your pup to spot and retrieve.


Even if it is lost to Davy Jones' locker, at $25 you're not exactly out a big investment. That's a small price to pay for a soaking wet dog's giant grin. [Houndworthy via Notcot]

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