Selfy the Easy Bed Makes Itself for You

Illustration for article titled Selfy the Easy Bed Makes Itself for You

Attention, lazy, lazy people! Say hello to Selfy the Easy Bed. Yes, that's the name of the product. It's a bed that makes itself in the morning, using a couple of rails that hold onto the sheets to lift and tuck everything in, giving you a neat bed to crawl into at the end of the day. Sure, it was invented for the sick and infirm, but I think your laziness could qualify as a sickness if you're really looking to justify this thing. Also, did I mention it's called Selfy the Easy Bed? [USA Today via Oh Gizmo!]


Would the target audience of this product (lazy people) care enough about making a bed to purchase a product like this? Maybe there are enough type-a non-bed makers out there, but I doubt it.