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The first decent headphones I owned were Sennheiser's PX-100. I got 'em for $30, and I was blown away, since it was the first time I heard something truly better than $20 shitcans. Now, Sennheiser's got a sequel: PX-100 II.


Oh, and the PX-200 II. Like before, the PX-100 II has an open design and from the looks of it, sounds a little bassier than the PX-200 II, which still has a closed design, but with better sealing than before. The PX-200 II also has a volume control integrated into the longass 1.2-meter cable. And yes, they still fold. Sadly, Sennheiser's holding back on the price, but they hit stores worldwide this month, so we won't have to wait too long to find out the damage.

Illustration for article titled Sequels to the First Decent Headphones I Ever Owned: Sennheiser PX-100 II and PX-200

Sennheiser also dropped a triplet of ginormous Kleer-powered wireless cans, the RS 160, RS 170 and RS 180, for home theater people who have to turn down their speaker system at night.

Great sound doesn't need much space The new PX 100-II and PX 200-II from Sennheiser
Wedemark, 2 September 2009 – Simply reach into your bag, switch on your MP3 player, unfold your headphones and you're ready to listen. With the second generation of the Sennheiser models PX 100 and PX 200 you can enjoy music in excellent quality anywhere and at any time. The two foldable mini headphones with proven Sennheiser acoustics are the ideal companion wherever you go. The new Sennheiser models will be shown for the first time at IFA in Berlin.

For all those who want top-quality sound not only at home but also for their iPhone*, iPod* or MP3 player, audio specialist Sennheiser now has two new mini headphones in its product range. "The PX 100-II and the PX 200-II have powerful transducers with neodymium magnets that ensure a clear and natural sound reproduction and a total harmonic distortion of less than 0.1 percent," said Ivan Kuan, Senior Product Manager Consumer Electronics at Sennheiser, describing the two new headphones. "In recent years, there have been tremendous further developments in the technology – and therefore in the sound quality – of portable players. For that reason, music lovers should choose those headphones that also make this progress audible."

Mini headphones in a class of their own
The PX 100-II is a pair of dynamic mini headphones with an open design and, just like its predecessor model, guarantees natural sound reproduction with a powerful bass. Its frequency response ranges from 15 to 27,000 Hertz. The PX200-II is ideally suited for use in noisy surroundings. Its closed design effectively attenuates external noise, letting you listen to music in peace without being disturbed – and without disturbing others. Improved ear pads additionally guarantee an optimal sealing with the ears. The frequency response of the closed stereo mini headphones extends from 10 to 21,000 Hertz – the perfect sound experience on the go.

With their comfortably padded, supra-aural ear cushions, the PX100-II and PX 200-II can provide music enjoyment for hours on end. A 1.2 metre long, single- sided cable offers generous freedom of movement – even if your player is in your pocket. The PX 200-II also lets you conveniently adjust the volume using the volume control integrated into the cable.

Amazing sound - amazingly compact The PX 100-II and PX 200-II not only offer outstanding acoustic properties, the foldable mini headphones are also amazingly compact. The clever 'fold and flip' design means that you simply close the headband, fold in the ear cups and the headphones are then small enough to pack away into the handy transport pouch.

New steel reinforcements in the headband and sturdy metal joints provide the headphones with the necessary strength and durability even in the toughest everyday use. When they are folded away, you can take them anywhere. After all, great sound doesn't need much space. The PX 100-II and the PX 200-II are available in stores worldwide from September in the colours black and white. The set includes a soft transport pouch.

A trio with state-of-the-art technology: three new wireless headphones from Sennheiser
Wedemark, 2 September 2009 – Conquering the Empire as a Jedi knight without waking the neighbours? Conducting a symphony orchestra in fortissimo with the kids asleep in their beds? No longer a problem with the new wireless headphones from Sennheiser. No matter whether connected to a television set or a hi-fi system, the RS 160, RS 170 and RS 180 guarantee an excellent sound experience. Dynamic sound transducers with powerful neodymium magnets ensure a clear, high-resolution audio playback whilst the Kleer transmission technology promises uncompressed transmission of the audio data. The three new headphones will be shown for the first time at the IFA in Berlin.

"The RS 160, RS 170 and RS 180 headphones represent a perfectly free, wireless sound experience," says Maurice Quarré, Head of Product Management Consumer Electronics at Sennheiser. "All three models offer highly impressive audio quality – with no cables to get in the way. They all use Kleer transmission technology, which operates without compression and therefore without any audio loss." Not only can you move around while watching television but you can also enjoy cable- free music at a radius of up to 100 metres (RS 160 up to 20 metres, RS 170 up to 80 metres and RS 180 up to 100 metres, line of sight).

Cinema-quality performance The new RS models combine cinema- quality sound with movie star looks. "Clear lines and sophisticated, reflective surfaces in black, silver and anthracite make them genuinely desirable design objects," continued Maurice Quarré. The headphones, with their soft padded ear cups and adjustable headbands, are specifically designed for hours of television or music enjoyment and are still comfortable to wear when your movie night eventually draws to a close.

Cinema-quality sound in the living room Tried and tested Sennheiser technology ensures transparent and balanced sound with the new wireless headphones. Dynamic transducers with powerful neodymium magnets and a distortion of only 0.5 percent reproduce even the subtlest musical nuances. The frequency response reaches from 18 to 21.000 Hertz. With a sound pressure level of 106/110decibels the three headphones have outstanding dynamics.

The RS 160 is the entry-level model: the closed headphones impress with their detailed sound and powerful bass reproduction. The volume can be controlled directly on the headphones. The RS 170 is also a closed model and delivers dynamic bass boost and switchable surround sound. The top-of-the-range RS 180 model is targeted at sound purists; the open design ensures a particularly natural listening experience which can be set to individual preferences. The speech intelligibility can be improved through dynamic compression (Automatic Level Control) and the balance can also be individually adjusted.

Plug and Play It‘s just so easy to connect the wireless headphones – whether to a television set, stereo system or DVD-Player. If the transmitter is connected to an audio or video device, it automatically transmits the audio data to the headphones: switch them on, put them on and sit back and enjoy the results. The 2-gigahertz digital radio transmission ensures smooth transmission with a high signal-to-noise ratio of 85 dBA. The Kleer technology even allows the listening pleasure to be shared as up to four headphones can receive radio signals via one transmitter.

The transmitter of the RS 160 has a diameter of only 9.7 centimetres. When connected to an MP3 player or mobile phone it fits easily into a backpack, which means that the headphones can be used for wireless music enjoyment whether you are at home or out and about. The RS 170 and RS 180 transmitters are a little larger as these also serve as a charging cradle.
All three models will be available worldwide from October.

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