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All Things D reports that apparently HP CEO Léo Apotheker will be ousted today, and former eBay CEO/failed gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman will take his place. Because when your house is on fire, your first call should be to an arsonist.


This is just a rumor right now; we'll know by end of day whether it actually comes to pass. But just to recap: Whitman is the person who spearheaded eBay's terrific growth a decade ago, yes, but also signed off on its horrific Skype acquisition and set the company up for long-term stagnation. More importantly, Whitman doesn't have much at all in the way of hardware or enterprise expertise that HP needs right now beyond being on HP's board of directors, which itself has been demonstrably terrible these past couple of years.

The only way this works out is if it ends with an online auction for spare 4G TouchPads. [All Things D]

Update: HP just confirmed Meg's new job.


Bobby T.

If I wanted to read about political opinions I would go to a political blog... I find it ironic that a site who's primary goal is to talk about electronics is actively choosing to alienate a good percentage of its readers to get in completely useless political jabs... And doing so in a blatantly unbalanced manner...