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$130,000. That's how much Waldo—an autonomous underwater robot from the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida—costs. Now they have to find it, and the bloody thing doesn't even wear a white and red striped sweater.

I bet Mote's scientist Gary Kirkpatrick doesn't find the irony funny, however:

Waldo was making reports every two hours, Then, bam, it just stopped sending a signal. There are a few possibilities that we think are likely: It could have had a major leak or malfunction and sank to the bottom and is just sitting there. Or, it could have had a malfunction with its computer or its communication system and is floating on the surface but unable to tell us that it's there.


I'm sad for Gary, but I find it delightful that Waldo is finally missing, even while this one doesn't look like a dork. Of course, these things can only happen in the great state of Florida, the only US territory that looks like a schlong. [Mote via AP]

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