Sexy Screen Wash for iPhone Is Both Stupid and a Scam

I rented Bikini Carwash 2 once. It was good, but I missed a lot of the plot because I didn't see the first one. Maybe that's why I bought this scam called Sexy Screen Wash for the iPhone.

What the hell is this crap? Here I was hoping for an app that would let me move a girl while I clean the iPhone's screen and all I get is a crappy menu that connects to the web to serve crappy movies? Are these people stupid? This application is so lame and pathetic that I'm not even putting a link here.


The only positive thing about this: It means that Apple may be opening their hand regarding adult-oriented content in anticipation for the iPhone 3.0 release. [Krapps]



Jesus wiping the screen at the end was better than that app was. How much does this sell for? Its its the usual 99 cents, I will make you a better deal. For 99 cents I will dump the water over my head and rub the phone on my wet breastesses. It may not be clean, but who the hell cares. I agree with the caption, "Do not buy this piece of $hit".