Sexy Women with QR Codes on Their Butts Is Awful Awful Awful

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QR Codes, those impractical little squares that deliver information through a cell phone's camera, have seen their fair share of bad ideas. But this explosion of tackyness seems especially dumb and horrible and gross and UGH.


The shots are from the LA Auto Show, back in November, but we're just now seeing them thanks to the wonderful WTF QR CODES. We've seen QR codes on butts before. And obviously, the culture of purely-trashy booth babe strategy is much more ingrained at car shows than it is at gadget conferences. Sort of.

But where the volleyball-butt kerfuffle was more amusing from the sheer impracticality of snapping a photo of an athlete in motion, the scenario here seems to be walking up to a grown woman and using your phone to photograph her ass. Can we please try harder than this, advertisers and general population of Earth? [WTF QR Codes via Copyranter, MotorheadMama]


Have you even attempted to use a QR code? Specifically on a good, fast phone with a good QR program (i-nigma in particular)?

Yes the code being on a sales chick's ass is tacky. So is pretty much everything else about "boothbabes" But

A) their asses are getting tons of photos snapped while they're doing this, qr code or not

B) I have yet to see one of these girls that isn't encouraging pictures of any kind, it's what they are there for, being paid for, and choose to do

C) I do not have to be "walking up to a grown woman and using your phone to photograph her ass" for my reader to catch the code that happens to be on her ass.

Just open the app and any code remotely in the square is pretty much instantly read. From quite a distance. I could quite easily catch codes as large as the ones on their asses from quite a ways off in less than a second.

I can only assume you're complete hatred of QR codes is due to your using a crappy iPhone with a crappy slow QR code reader. On my old Samsung Captivate (AT&T crippled Galaxy S) QR codes are amazingly fast and easy to use. I can see one, grab my phone, open the app and catch one on a billboard while moving down the road at 60mph easily. I did it twice on the way into work this morning (from the passenger seat, I don't mess with my phone for anything other than answering a call while driving). I have had much less success with other apps, some are much faster than others, and the camera you're using makes a lot of difference also. The codes themselves are not bad or hard to use. That doesn't mean the "marketing" idiots are using them badly, or putting the in a design in a bad way, but again that's not the fault of the code, it's the idiot with no creativity trying to use it.