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WTF QR CODES: The Definitive Compendium of a Sad and Horrible Technology

Illustration for article titled WTF QR CODES: The Definitive Compendium of a Sad and Horrible Technology

For whatever reason, QR codes still haven't died. Near Field Communication is far superior in every conceivable way, yet it's only in a small handful of phones. And apparently I'm not the only one angry about the nine lives of this insufferable technology, because some people have dedicated a Tumblr to its terribleness.


The site is only a few weeks old, but readers have already begun submitting the tragic attempts of marketers to integrate the ill-fated squares into their ad copy. I want to believe that if enough people send in more awful photos of QR in the real world, it will just shame its creators into making it disappear forever. [WTF QR CODES]

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I'd like to lump in the Shazaming of commercials with bad QR code use. By the time I see the Shazam logo come up, decide it might be cool, grab my phone and open the app, I've already forgotten what the commercial was about in the first place.

Sure, I could back it up but the next shiney object that promises to make me happier than I ever could have been is all ready overwhelming my neurons with bright colors, cleavage and catchy slogans.

Then the Shazam logo comes up again.